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New Dodge Remanufactured Automatic Transmission

Dodge Automatic Transmission


• Dodge 1.8L Engine
• Dodge 2.0L Engine
• Dodge 2.2L Engine
• Dodge 2.4L Engine
• Dodge 2.5L Engine
• Dodge 2.6L Engine
• Dodge 2.7L Engine
• Dodge 3.0L Engine
• Dodge 3.2L Engine
• Dodge 3.3L Engine
• Dodge 3.5L Engine
• Dodge 3.7L Engine
• Dodge 3.8L Engine
• Dodge 3.9L Engine

• Dodge 4.7L Engine
• Dodge 5.2L Engine
• Dodge 5.7L Engine
• Dodge 5.9L Engine
• Dodge 8.0L Engine


31RH Transmission
31TH Transmission
32RH Transmission
36RH Transmission
40RH Transmission
41AE Transmission
41TE Transmission
42RH Transmission
43A21 Transmission
43A22 Transmission
46RH Transmission
A413 Transmission
A470 Transmission
A670 Transmission
AR4 Transmission
AWT372 Transmission
BW14 Transmission
BW35 Transmission
F3A21 Transmission
F3A22 Transmission

F4A22 Transmission
F4A23 Transmission
F4A33 Transmission
JM600 Transmission
KM148 Transmission
KM170 Transmission
W4A32 Transmission
ZF4HP18FL Transmission

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New Automatic Remanufactured Dodge Transmissions

We specialize in supplying the highest quality remanufactured transmissions in the market today. Our remanufactured transmission not only offers a premium quality and top performance, but they are competitively priced far below what most aftermarket remanufacturers are charging.

With our nationwide distribution network you not only get you the highest quality remanufactured transmission at the best price but you can get it fast!

Everyone knows quality means reliability and the quality is actually visually apparent. When you see the transmission for the first time, you'll understand what sets these transmissions miles above the rest.


The durability and power of a our remanufactured transmission is enhanced and ensured through product design improvements and the use of original equipment manufacturers. Do to strict specifications, many transmissions feature NEW cases, along with many new internal hard parts and a NEW torque converter


• Complete Transmission
• New Internal parts
• New Torque Converter
• FREE “ROUND TRIP” SHIPPING in continental US
• FREE lift gate service
• FREE residential delivery
• FAST delivery from extensive inventory

Our new remanufactured transmissions use OEM or equivalent parts making sure that this transmission will stand the test of time.

2 Year / 24,000 Mile Warranty


• Complete Transmission
• Completely Tested
• Torque Converter
• FREE SHIPPING in Continental US
• FREE Liftgate Service
• FREE Residential Delivery
• FAST Delivery from Extensive Inventory

Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty

To check price and availability, please gather the following information:

• Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
• Vehicle Make
• Vehicle Model
• Vehicle Model Year
• Vehicle Engine Size
• 2 WD or 4 WD
• Overdrive or No Overdrive Transmission

Note: The VIN number is visible through the windshield on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Note: The complete VIN number is needed to identify the correct part number.

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